Hurricane Sandy Churned Up Big Waves In Florida

Category: Society / Oct 26, 2012 3:02PM EDT
The Florida coastline exploded with massive waves on Friday. The destructive hurricane Sandy is not expected to be a direct threat to the state, but many areas remain under a tropical storm warning. Sandy is continuing to move toward the U.S East Coast after tearing across the Caribbean leaving 31 dead in its wake. Forecasters said the storm has already begun merging with a polar air mass over the eastern U.S, potentially spawning a “hybrid” super storm that would wreak havoc along the eastern seaboard. Weather trackers have said the hardest hit areas could span anywhere from the Carolinas up to Maine, with New York City and Boston potentially at risk. Sandy is also expected to hit the U.S during a full moon, increasing its potential to cause flooding since tides will be near their highest levels.