If The Shoe Fits, Run! Men And Woman Race In High Heels

Category: Society / Nov 16, 2012 11:08AM EDT
Men and women at the Philippines' shoe capital on Friday (November 16) raced to see who can strut best in heels. About a hundred runners from the eastern suburb of Marikina, known for its flourishing shoe industry, wore at least three-inch heels as they ran along a 0.3-mile track in a test of balance and endurance. Men were separated from the women to avoid injuries as they scrambled to reach the finish line with their heels intact. Some tripped and others even broke their heels, but paramedics stood ready to tend any injuries resulting from the race. Cash prizes were awarded to the quickest and best-dressed runners, but most of them were just glad to remove their heels and rest their aching feet. The race was part of the city's annual celebration of their shoe industry.