IKEA Cakes Containing Bacteria Destroyed In Quarantine

Category: Companies / Mar 05, 2013 6:01PM EDT
Swedish furniture giant IKEA halted the sale of a range of almond chocolate cakes on Tuesday (March 5) after health authorities in China confiscated nearly two tons of the cakes, saying they had found high levels of bacteria. The Shanghai Daily said traces of coliform bacteria were found in two isolated batches of the chocolate cake produced for IKEA by Swedish supplier Almondy. A spokesperson from IKEA later confirmed that the cakes had been destroyed in quarantine, and sale of the items would be stopped in all markets. In a statement, IKEA said the bacteria found was not dangerous and that cakes from any of the two batches concerned were not being sold in Sweden. IKEA and Almondy were told about the findings on Monday (March 4) and IKEA said they were now trying to find out why they had not been told about it earlier. Last week IKEA stopped nearly all sales of meatballs at its furniture store cafeterias across Europe after tests in the Czech Republic showed some contained horsemeat. Video Source: Reuters