Immediate Food Testing To Be Done Across UK After Horsemeat Scandal

Category: World / Feb 11, 2013 5:41PM EDT
Britain's Environment Secretary, Owen Paterson, held a series of phone talks with his counterparts in Ireland, France and Romania to discuss the horsemeat crisis on Monday (February 11). Details are emerging a complex network of slaughterhouses and middlemen standing between the farm and the supermarkets across Europe. France and Britain have vowed to punish those found responsible for selling horsemeat purporting to be beef. Paterson told UK parliament: The events we have seen unfold over the past few days in the UK and Europe are completely unacceptable. Consumers need to be confident that food is what it says on the label." The independent Food Standards Agency is now conducting widespread testing of processed food products. "Immediate testing of products will be done across the supply chain and this includes supplies to schools, hospitals and prisons as well as to retailers," he said. The Cabinet secretary is now calling for a meeting between ministers from European countries affected and the European Commission. Another meeting is scheduled for Wednesday (February 13). Video Source: Reuters