Indian Doctors Deny Allegations Of Harvesting UK Girl's Organs

Category: Daily Promo / May 16, 2013 10:44AM EDT


Health care workers in India's northern state of Punjab denied allegations on Wednesday (May 15) that they harvested organs from an eight-year-old British girl, who died in a local hospital.

The girl named as Gurkiran Kaur Loyal, who was of Indian descent, was travelling with her family - who have now accused the doctors of murdering their daughter before removing her organs.

Local media reported that she was rushed to a small hospital in town after she fell ill while visiting her grandparents.

the family only found out about the missing vital organs after the body was taken back to the UK for an autopsy.

Her parents have accused the doctor of injecting a mysterious liquid into the girl that led to her death seconds later, and then attempting to harvest her organs.

The doctor has denied the allegations and said the girl was in already in serious condition when she arrived.

A doctor there said the girl's brain, heart, both lungs, half of both kidneys and some parts of her liver, spleen, stomach and intestines have been extracted and sent for examination to find out the cause of her death.

Local police reiterated that they were following the rules and regulations governing the handling of dead bodies.

Video Source: Reuters