Investigators Reveal: Man And Wife Fleeing To Cuba With Young Sons After Losing Custody

Category: Media & Culture / Apr 09, 2013 1:04PM EDT
Investigators revealed on Tuesday that a man accused of kidnapping his two sons was seen on a boat fleeing with them to Cuba with his wife. The FBI has been fairly tight lipped but they have confirmed that they received this information about Joshua and Sharyn Hakken. Hakken has been accused of breaking into his mother-in-laws home on Wednesday in Tampa. He then took Cole, 4, and Chase, 2: What then happened was the children and his wife boarded a boat in a newly purchased 25 foot sail boat in Florida. The incident took place hours after Hakken learnt that he has lost custody of his two young boys. After a marijuana charge the young children were sent to live with his wife’s mother, Patricia. Now he has been issued with a warrant for his arrest for kidnapping, interfering with child custody, child neglect, false imprisonment and burglary and battery. Video Courtesy Of Reuters