Iraqi Floods Persist; Army, Red Crescent Step Up Relief

Category: Daily Promo / May 09, 2013 12:28PM EDT
Heavy rain and flash flood streaming from neighboring Iran forced hundreds of Iraqi villagers to flee their homes on Wednesday (May 8) at the southern border after two dams collapsed. Iraqi army, civil defense personnel and Red Crescent Society workers in the province stepped up efforts to evacuate and rescue people blocked by floodwaters in the province. Supplies have been air lifted to those in need. The floodwaters, of up to two meters high inundated 18 villages, destroying at least 100 houses, rescue officials said. Local officials called for emergency measures to stop floodwaters from sweeping hundreds of mines and unexploded ordinance in the area. Heavy rains also destroyed dozens of houses and caused damage in thousands of acres of wheat farms. Iraq announced on Tuesday (May 7) that it will lose between 25 to 30 percent of its wheat harvest this year due to recent floods south of the country with an estimated loss was more than $200 million, Iraq's Trade Minister Khairalla Hasan said. Video Source: Reuters