Israel Passes Law to Ban Underweight Models

Category: Society / Mar 20, 2012 8:40AM EDT

The law says women and men cannot be hired for modeling jobs unless a doctor stipulates that they are not underweight, with a body mass index, of no less than 18.5: That's a small step for the fashion industry, and a giant leap for women everywhere.The law also bans people that visibly look too thin, or the use of photo manipulation to make a model appear thinner, thus re modeling the idea of what is beautiful. Rachel Adato one of the law makers had this to sayWe believe that by this bill there will be a new way to protect the kids and a new way to look what is beautiful. Beautiful is not underweight. Beautiful shouldn't be anorexia. Anorexia is a very, very dangerous disease and that's the reason, that's the justification why we need this legislation.The fashion industry more than often demands perfection, and applies huge amounts of pressure on models to stay thin, and in turn that results in unhealthy behavior. After two anorexic Latin American models died in 2006, countries including Italy and India banned underweight models from the catwalk. The question is, will any other country follow Israel's brave lead?