Is It In His Kiss? Breaking Down Juan Pablo’s Kissing Technique

Category: Media & Culture / Feb 21, 2014 10:20AM EDT

Juan Pablo is one sexy bachelor, he has really got all the girls hot and bothered with his accent as the contest is down to the final 4; Fans though seem to be talking about one thing, his kissing style.

Think lots of tongue, passion and head holding as Pablo has come into the Bachelor, with fire in his heart, sparking his own kissing style and social media frenzy. Amanda Remling sat down with IBTimesTV to talk about his unique style and what viewers can expect from the final episodes.

Pablo will visit the girls’ families in their hometowns, and then we will see if those kissing sparks will fly, behind closed doors on the overnight dates. The front runner at this point in the game is Nikki, a registered nurse who is also a part-time model.