Jellyfish Threaten to Take Down Israeli Power Plant

Category: Offbeat / Jul 05, 2011 3:36PM EDT
Workers at Israel's electric Corp warned on Tuesday (July 5) that entire cities could be left without electricity during the hot summer days, if they fail to collect the tons of jellyfish swarming into the power station. Workers are struggling to deal with a massive quantity of jellyfish overflowing into the station in the central city of Hadera. The power station uses seawater for cooling off purposes and has to filter out and dispose of tons of jellyfish that are sucked into its system daily. Nachum Plaumbaum, a worker at the plant said that jellyfish coming from the Mediterranean sea are not only an inconvenience to those bathing at the beaches, but might actually stop the power plant from functioning. When those jellyfish are coming in swarms, they're blocking our cooling system and they are diffusing to become gels and this gel blocks the condenser and interrupts the condensing of the steam. And in severe events, it might stop the power plant from producing electricity, he said Other workers were concerned for their safety saying that they got stung while loading boxes of jellyfish.