Jetpack Aircraft On Display At Abu Dhabi Defence Exhibition

Category: Technology / Feb 21, 2013 9:41AM EDT
Martin Aircraft Company displayed their new jetpack aircraft at the ongoing Defense Exhibition Conference 2013 in Abu Dhabi. The jetpack consists of a purpose-built gasoline-engine driving twin-ducted fans to produce strong thrusts to lift the craft and pilot. According to Glenn N. Martin, founder and chief technology officer (CTO) of Martin Aircraft Company, the jet pack can take off from a small space and is easy to learn how to fly it. Besides, it has an automated hover function, and is expected to be able to be flown in reasonable weather conditions. "This spins around. And that creates air flow, which goes down just like a jet. And as the jet goes down, that pushes you up. And that gets you up in the air, and then to control you, you have control vane down here. So you have control vane that moves in the air flow and it moves you around in the direction you want to go," said explained Martin of its operational principle, adding that the computer does all the balancing. It took Martin nearly ten years to develop this jetpack model. Weighing 140 kilograms and worth 100,000 US dollars, the jetpack is now capable of flying at an elevation of 1,500 meters at the highest speed of 100 kilometers per hour. According to Martin, the jetpack is creating a new segment in the aviation and recreational vehicle markets. Initially it was designed with only leisure market in mind. But Martin has extended the scope of its use to a number of other sectors, including emergency response, defense and recreation. Video Source: Reuters