Jimmy Savile Alleged Victims Climbs To 450

Category: Society / Dec 13, 2012 10:14AM EDT
The number of alleged sexual abuse victims of the late BBC star Jimmy Savile has reached 450 according to authorities 600 alleged victims have told the police about offenses by a range of individuals across Britain. Among them, 450 relate specifically to Savile. According to police, the number is the result of preliminary investigations and may change before a formal report is submitted at the beginning of next year. The preliminary result that Savile sexually abused 450 young people over nearly a 50-year period. Savile, who died at the age of 84 in October last year, was one of Britain's top broadcasters and presented a string of programs that brought him into contact with children. The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) started an investigation into Savile's activities, known as Operation Yewtree, in October after an ITV documentary exposed Savile as a serial sexual abuser. Before the sexual abuse became public, British police had conducted six investigations against him, but no charges were filed due to lack of in sufficient evidence.