JK Rowling's New Adult Novel 'The Casual Vacancy' Hits Stores Before Christmas

Category: Books / Sep 27, 2012 10:40AM EDT
The highly anticipated new book from Harry Potter author JK Rowling has gone on sale, and despite the lack of mass hysteria seen with her previous titles, her first foray into adult fiction is tipped to do well. 'The Casual Vacancy' hit shelves on Thursday (September 27) and looks destined for the top of bestseller lists whatever the reaction. Store Manager at the St Pancras branch of Foyles in central London Gary Powell, is confident Rowling's loyal wizard fanbase will be keen to read her latest novel: "A lot of adults read her books anyway so I think they're going to identify with her style of writing and they'll enjoy the way she writes and what she writes, and so I think the fact that it's an adult novel opposed to a children's novel shouldn't make that much of a difference." He told Reuters Television. Many bookstores opened early in London to deal with anticipated demand. Over a million orders have already been placed for the book and the print run in the United States alone is reported to be two million copies. 'The Casual Vacancy' is set in a small English town, where class prejudices are played out and Rowling exploits her post-Harry Potter freedom by tackling themes of drug addiction, teenage sex and violent domestic abuse. "It's going to be one of our key titles for Christmas absolutely and it's going to sell really well from now through until next year as well." said Foyles manager, Powell. Although Rowling is dubbed the world's first author billionaire, she started her literary life in the 1990s as an unemployed single mother living on state benefits who struggled to find a publisher.