John Galliano Wages Legal War With Dior

Category: Society / Feb 04, 2013 2:32PM EDT
John Galliano at a time was the essence of Dior as he brought to the brand a fine mixture of femininity and theatrics with his role as creative director- But now the disgraced fashion designer who was fired from Dior is fighting back. Dior dismissed Galliano after he was convicted of racial abuse and fined 6,000 Euros by French Court in February 2011. Galliano’s lawyer claims that the creative director should not have lost his job for his addictions: The claim is that Galliano was addicted to prescription drugs and alcohol which in essence caused his behavior. In France alcohol and drug addictions are deemed as illness, therefore insufficient grounds of sacking. After hearing initial arguments the court declared that Galliano would have his day in Court: Dior now has 15 days to accept the ruling or appeal to a higher court.