John Lennon’s Childhood Home Starts A Bidding War: Sells At Auction For 500,000 Pounds

Category: Media & Culture / Oct 31, 2013 9:03AM EDT

This is the house where John Lennon, music legend grew up and became a man. The house located in Watertree Liverpool boasts three bedrooms and it sold at Auction on Tuesday for 500,000 pounds.

That price was way above the estimated price of 150-250,000 pounds. The price climbed at auction after a bidding war erupted, the lucky new owner of the home’s identity was not revealed as confirmed by Auctioneer, Andrew Brown:


"It's someone from America - a gentleman. He's not buying it for himself, he's buying it on behalf of someone else, but he's not revealed who that person is." (Reporter: Would you like to think it's Yoko?) "I suppose, anything's possible. I know that she was the buyer of Mendipps and then gifted it to the National Trust. I suppose we'll never know but if it ends in the hands of the National Trust, I suppose it's a fair assumption, but I wouldn't want to speculate."

The cost of the home was almost double the anticipated price, and no doubt it had to do with the historical significance of the home, and the fact that a music icon and legend grew up in this modest home.



Video Courtesy Of Reuters