Journalist investigates life, mind of Sept. 11 ‘Mastermind,’ KSM, in new book

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Category: Books / Jun 02, 2011 6:44PM EDT
A man of many faces, KSM delights in manipulating the media, the courts, even President Obama himself. KSM twice tried to kill President Clinton and the pope and bragged that he beheaded Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. He planned attacks on shrines, stadiums, and skyscrapers, from Los Angeles’ U.S. Bank Tower to London’s Big Ben clock tower. He dreamed up the “shoe bomb,” the radioactive “dirty bomb,” and even aimed to blow up the Panama Canal. The baffling question is why? Why would a brilliant engineering student embark on a career of mass murder? And why, even though he was disliked by Osama bin Laden, did he rise to the top of al Qaeda? Mastermind is the first book-length investigation of KSM’s life.