Just Where Are The Super Bowl Dollars Coming From?

Category: Media & Culture / Jan 31, 2014 3:22PM EDT

It is the biggest game of the year, and a lot of people are going to make serious bank from the Super Bowl: Local businesses in New York and New Jersey are gearing up for a peak in tourism, not to mention the hefty pay checks the players will receive win or lose.

The players on the winning team will receive a bonus of $92,000. That is more than most people could even dream about earning in a year. And even the losing players will walk away with $49,000.

Sure the players have short careers and have to work hard to stay physically fit, but so do the cheer leaders who bring spirit to the game. So are they paid accordingly?

It is estimated that a cheer leader will earn $1,250 for an entire season- that isn’t a lot of money. This issue has been brought under the media spot light when an anonymous cheer leader from the Oakland Raiders filled a suit stating that her pay is in violation of California labor laws.