Kansas Bus Carrying 10 School Children Falls Off Bridge Into Creek

Category: World / Nov 01, 2013 10:15AM EDT

A bus carrying 10 school children in Kansas fell off a bridge and intro a creek on Thursday. Authorities confirmed that all concerned were rescued without any serious injuries. Just one of the children and the driver was taken to hospital to be checked for hypothermia. Rescue teams were there to assist as confirmed by Butler County Sheriff Kelly Herzet:

"Deputies, along with the EMS and rescue, responded to find a bus on its side. Approximately 10 children and the bus driver were on top of the bus. They had gotten out through an emergency escape hatch and were waiting for rescue to arrive to get them off the bus,"

Authorities did confirm that the outcome was favorable with no serious injuries. The kids involved in the accident all helped each other and as a result no one was hurt.


Video Courtesy Of Reuters