Kate Moss Flaunts Some Skin In New Racy Campaign

Category: Media & Culture / May 09, 2013 10:20AM EDT
One of the world’s biggest names in high fashion Kate Moss has lent her face and famous body to be the brand ambassador for the product St Tropez. This is the brand’s first ever global advertising campaign and what better face to choice then a global icon of fashion beauty and rebellion. Kate Moss explained the product and her excitement to work with the brand: "Today on the shoot we were using the new St Tropez Mousse, you basically just put it on with a mitt and it is streak free, and you can use it so it is more permanent. There is a more permanent one and a wash-off one that you can just go home and wash off, so it is noncommittal. You can have a tan for a night out and then the next day you don't look like you have gone on holiday, if it is in the middle of winter and you haven't been on holiday, so it is quite... um… Yeah, amazing." So, St. Tropez is just - it has been around for a long time, I think it is a trustworthy brand. People know it and it is a natural looking tan that is what people want, they don't want something orange basically. And it is really easy to apply yourself, I didn't really know that, I always thought it had to be a spray tan, but it is not anymore." The new racy and seductive shots will be used in the global print media, online and in advertisements around the world this summer. Kate Moss the new face and body of the brand will now be seen as never going naked without St Tropez. Video Courtesy Of Reuters