Kelsey Grammar Slams Ex-Wife Camille and Demi Moore Rides Solo

Category: Entertainment / Oct 18, 2011 12:08PM EDT
On Piers Morgan tonight Kelsey Grammar laid out all his cards, in what has become a very nasty and public divorce to ex wife Camille. Grammar does not act coy as he tells the world how his marriage of ten years, was miserable and rocky at best. He states that giving Camille fame in her role on the real housewives of Beverly Hills was his parting gift to her. Why would a show be a parting gift? Grammar goes on to explain that Camille was hungry for fame. That she loved him as a television star not a man...ouch!! But what happens when you mix two stars together who both have equal fame?? You get Hollywood power couple Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher... The couple has remained silent amongst the cheating scandal between Kutcher and Sara Leal...... But this week Demi Moore shows actions speak louder than words....Moore dazzled at her movie premiere “Margin Call”. Moore smiled and embraced the spotlight solo...But where was Kutcher?? Time will only tell if Moore and Kutcher will share the same dreaded fate of Kelsey Grammar and Camille...A nasty, public ,Hollywood divorce