Kevin Rudd Ousts Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard

Category: Politics / Jun 26, 2013 11:03AM EDT

Kevin Rudd, former Prime Minister of Australia did confirm that he would challenge Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard on Wednesday, and challenge he did.

"My fellow Australians, my fellow members of the Australian Parliamentary Labor Party. Today I'm announcing that I will be a candidate for the position of leader of the Parliamentary Labor Party. I'm advised of the chair of the Parliamentary Labor Party has been collecting a petition of members, about a third in number, requesting a meeting of the Party be held to resolved the question of leadership. For the nation's sake, I think it is time for this matter to resolved,"

Gillard called for a ballet to settle who would lead the labor party. Polls have shown Rudd to be a more favorable leader, then Gillard, and it seems the Labor party agrees. Rudd won the ballot 57 votes to 45.

The first female Prime Minister has been in a long public battle with former PM Rudd but now it seems the battle may finally be solved with this massive change in leadership ahead of the general election in September.

This vote however does not make Kevin Rudd Prime Minister; rather he is the leader of the Labor Party. That call must be made if Gillard writes to the Governor General to resign so that Rudd can be sworn in.


Video Courtesy Of Reuters