The Land Down Under Braces For Cyclone Rusty

Category: World / Feb 26, 2013 9:16AM EDT
A tropical cyclone takes aim for Australia and Cyclone Rusty is set to hit within the next 24hours. Residents of Western Australia’s northern- coast begun the preparations including Evacuations in anticipation of the 175mph winds and torrential rains. Cyclone Rusty has the potential to be a category four storm, the effects could be damaging as confirmed by Mike Bergin from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology: "Damaging to destructive winds is going to continue for up to 24 hours. Already we have red alerts issued for Port Hedland and communities such as Port Hedland are likely to be in those conditions for up to 36 hours and maybe even longer. It's going to be a long, protracted and quite dangerous experience," People stocked up on supplies including bread, milk, water and even alcohol. The Department of Fire and Emergency Services has warned that residents in low lying areas of Port Headland should evacuate their homes. The last big cyclone to hit the threatened area was back in 2007 Video Courtesy OF Reuters