Latin America Opens Largest Defense And Security Show In Rio

Category: Companies / Apr 10, 2013 11:59AM EDT
Latin America's largest defence and security exhibition brought some of the biggest names in defence contracting under one roof for the biennial LAAD Defence and Security exhibition in Rio de Janeiro which opened on Tuesday (April 9). Companies including Lockheed Martin, Boeing and BE Systems joined a number of international companies specializing in technology, products and services designed for the armed forces, law enforcement and security forces in a four-day exhibition to show off some of their latest products to potential buyers. A group of protesters demonstrated against the arms trade outside the event which was expected to host more than 30,000 visitors from upwards of 54 countries. Attendees included senior military personnel from Brazil and the Americas, police chiefs, ambassadors and others involved in both governmental and the private security industry. Brazilian Defence Minister Celso Amorim said it was important for Brazil and other Latin American countries to have access to the tools to defend their natural resources. "Brazil and South America, in this case, has an abundance of these resources, such as energy, biodiversity, the capability to produce foods, and water. In the end, there are resources that, with time, will become more important than resources like petroleum. And these resources have to be defended, defending the benefits to our populations, Brazil and South America," Amorim said. Security contractors use the event to showcase some of their latest security and defence equipment ranging from automatic rifles to attack helicopters and armoured vehicles designed for police, security and military organizations. The event at the Riocentro convention centre runs through Friday (April 12). Video Source: Reuters