Legendary Composer Ravi Shankar Dies At 92

Category: Society / Dec 12, 2012 1:44PM EDT
Indian sitarist and composer Ravi Shankar died on Tuesday (December 11) in a San Diego hospital. He was 92 years old. The three-time Grammy winner was known for helping to introduce the sitar to the Western World through his collaborations with The Beatles in the late 1960s. Shankar had been in fragile health for the past several years, suffering from upper respiratory and heart issues. He underwent a heart-valve replacement surgery last week. The surgery was successful but Shankar was unable to recover. The famous sitarist lived in both India and the United States. He is survived by his children, including Grammy-winning singer Norah Jones, as well as three grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Shankar performed his last concert with his daughter on November 4 in Long Beach, California. His family says memorial plans will be announced at a later date.