Letters From Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon And Photos Of Adolf Hitler To Sell At Auction

Category: Entertainment / Apr 08, 2013 5:51PM EDT
Letters written by famous musicians, authors, actors, and former U.S. presidents will all go on the auction block next month. Among the letters for sale is a scathing draft letter written by John Lennon to Paul McCartney. In the two-page, typewritten letter, Lennon scolds McCartney. "This is a draft. So this is something that was never sent. It was retained by Lennon. It was something he was working on. And it was at a time where the Beatles had broken up and John Lennon was defending Yoko Ono, basically saying to Paul, you know, you gotta stop this craziness and you gotta man up and basically, the Beatles were a great thing, but didn't we realize we were part of the movement and not the movement? Didn't we realize that we were part of changing in the world? And John Lennon being very reflective and saying basically, get off your high horse," said Joe Maddalena, the President and Owner of Profiles In History, a Los Angeles-based auction house. Lennon's draft is expected to sell for between $10,000 and $15,000 (USD). During a media preview on Monday (April 8) of the "The Property of a Distinguished American Private Collector, Part II," several letters were on display in New York. In a two-page letter handwritten in pencil by Marilyn Monroe to Lee Strasberg, Monroe writes, "I think I'm going crazy." Her desperate letter is expected to sell for up to $30,000. Maddalena said letters are a window into people's innermost thoughts. "People say, 'Why do people collect letters?' Because today everything is electronic. Everything is a message or a text. So what's going to be saved? A chip? What are you going to collect, a hard drive? So people are realizing that letters, if you want to understand somebody's thought process or know somebody, read their written word. It's the best record you are ever going to get. You don't have to guess. Read what they said." This auction will feature more than 250 letters from a private collector's 3,000 item treasure trove. The total sale is expected to fetch up to $5 million dollars. Also included in the auction are letters by Ernest Hemingway, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Helen Keller, Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx, Winston Churchill and former U.S. Presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Early drawings of the light bulb by Thomas Edison are also for sale. Edison's drawings have a pre-sale estimate of between $20,000 and $30,000. Maddalena will not reveal the identity of the collection's owner, but did reveal his motivation for collecting. "He wanted to amass a collection of letters that basically were Western thinkers in their process of discovery. So if it was Thomas Edison, he wanted to have things where Edison was beginning his career and his trials, his failures. So what you are seeing here in these letters are these amazing thinkers in their pursuit of what ended up being greatness." In addition to the letters, a leather-bound photo album from Mussolini to Hitler will go under the hammer. The photo album details Mussolini's first visit to Germany and Hitler's second visit to Italy. It is expected to sell for between $30,000 and $50,000. "When you look at this photo album, this is Mussolini visiting Nazi Germany and documenting his trip there. And seeing the age and looking at these photographs as regal and as elegant as they are, it's really eerie because you know what is going to happen," said Maddalena. The Profiles in History auction is scheduled for May 30. This is the second in a series of planned historical document auctions. Bidding will be online. (Video Source: REUTERS)