Lifelike Bust Of Richard III Unveiled After Bones Were Discovered In England

Category: Society / Feb 05, 2013 11:46AM EDT
A bust of Richard III, England’s last king to die in battle, was unveiled in London on Tuesday (Feb. 5), more than 500 years after his death. The lifelike bust follows Monday’s discovery that the bones found under a car park in England are in fact Richard’s, after he was killed in the Battle of Bosworth in 1485, fighting to keep his crown. The Richard III Society commissioned the facial reconstruction, which is built off of scans made of the skull found by archeologists. The woman who led the mission to look for Richard III’s bones was excited to say the least. "Suddenly the aim of seeing the real Richard III came true. Miraculous dream really coming true. And I hope you can see in his face what I see in this face, and that is a man who is three dimensional in every sense. He doesn't look like a cartoon, he doesn't look like a caricature, he looks like someone who is living and breating," Philippa Langley said. Janice, the woman responsible for painting the king’s face, was not guided by traditional portraits of the king. "This model is not something that came from established portraiture, it is something that came from a scientific process and was then styled to be contemporary with Richard III," Janice Aitken said. Shakespeare portrayed Richard as a deformed tyrant, but some of his admirers hope the discovery of his remains will fuel interest in the king and dispel Shakespeare’s portrayal. Richard will be reburied at Leicester Cathedral, close to where his body was discovered. Video Source: Reuters