Lifelike Images By Van Gogh On Display In Tel Aviv

Category: Media & Culture / Feb 04, 2013 10:59AM EDT
The groundbreaking 'Van Gogh Alive' exhibition, which has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people around the world, kicked off on Saturday (February 2) in the Israeli coastal city of Tel Aviv. The multimedia exhibition, which has opened up Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh's paintings to new audiences, is an interactive installation which has been touring various countries such as Turkey, Singapore and the United States. The exhibition displays thousands of 360-degree lifelike images of the works of Van Gogh on 40 high-definition screens placed on walls and pillars, fully synchronised with background music. The producer of the Tel Aviv exhibit, Maya Aviv, said the exhibition allowed a unique opportunity to see most of the artist's artwork in one place, which includes thousands of paintings and sketches. "The concept of the exhibition is bringing Van Gogh's art to a new resolution, a new way of experiencing. It's amazing artwork throughout all the years and it just gives you a new perspective about his feelings, his emotions during his creations and gets you more in depth perspective of the way he used to live," Aviv said. Visitors at the exhibition were surrounded by moving 360-degree views of Van Gogh's colourful works, including his own portraits and diary entries. The Netherlands ambassador to Israel, Caspar Veldkamp, shared his excitement. "I think it's a great exhibition because it gives very lasting impressions, great impressions with the pictures it shows. It's not just like going into a museum and looking at one painting. It's the impression and the experience that comes to you. So it's great to come here also with a family," he said. Another visitor, Danielle Van Ness, said the exhibition was a "different way to experience art." "I think this show is very impressive. The colours and especially in combination with the music, it's a great experience, especially for children. I see a lot of children walking around here. I think it's a very good introduction to Van Gogh. But I would also go and see the originals in Holland, you know, to see the real brush strokes and everything. But it's a different way, it's a different way to experience art and I think it's a great thing for young and old," she said. "Van Gogh Alive" is a travelling exhibition which was created in Australia. It will be displayed in Tel Aviv until March 3. (Video source: Reuters)