The Lights Go Out On Rome’s Colosseum For Holocaust Remembrance Day

Category: Society / Jan 28, 2013 11:37AM EDT
The lights dimmed on Rome's ancient Colosseum on Sunday (January 27) evening as Jewish groups in the Italian capital marked Holocaust Remembrance Day. The darkness also represented a protest against Hungary’s far right opposition Jobbik party. The demonstration, which was organized by Rome’s Mayor’s Office and Italy’s Jewish community, was held to draw attention to ‘anti-Semetic acts and statements.’ Rome’s Mayor explained that the symbolic gesture was carried out to condemn, not only the ‘xenophobic actions and ideologies of the Hungarian extreme right,’ but ‘all of Europe.’ Hungary's Ambassador to Italy was also in attendance. The light dimming ceremony was not the first time the Colosseum’s lights have been used to advocate change. In 2000, a campaign seeking a ban on capital punishment placed special lights on the Colosseum that lit up every time a death sentence was carried out, or a country abolished its death penalty.