Lion Kills Female Volunteer At California Wildlife Sanctuary

Category: Society / Mar 07, 2013 10:08AM EDT
A four year old male lion by the name of cous cous violently attacked and killed a 24 year old woman at a private wildlife sanctuary in central California. The woman identified as Dianna Hanson was employed as an intern and had worked with big cats before. She was attacked after entering the lion’s enclosure at Cat Haven. Authorities are now trying to determine what provoked the lion to attack the woman. Gregg Collins from the County Sheriff’s Department commented on the tragic scene: "The sheriff's office was dispatched here concerning an injured person. One of the workers was found in one of the big cat enclosures, when my deputies arrived on scene the victim was still in the enclosure. They dispatched a male African lion and the worker was found to be deceased." Authorities shot and killed the cat so they were able to reach the woman’s body safely. Autopsy of the cat will determine if it was suffering from any health problems that could have triggered the violent attack. Cat Haven is home to Bengal tigers, jaguars and leopards, their website states that the sanctuary promotes conservation and preservation of the wild cats.