Little Red Riding Hood Reversed: Grandmother Kills Wolf

Category: World / Nov 12, 2012 12:03PM EDT
A Russian grannie from a village in southern Russia won an unequal battle with a wolf and killed him with her bare hands and an axe. Aishat Maksudova, a 56-year-old pensioner, was in a group of villagers herding cows and sheep. She heard a cry of a calf attacked by a wolf and rushed to shoo the wolf away. The wolf attacked Maksudova in turn but the grannie fought back. In a reversal of the "Little Red Riding Hood" fairytale where a granddaughter saves her grannie eaten by a wolf, in Russia the grannie took fate in her own hands. Mobile phone footage shot by stunned villagers shows a dead wolf with a bloodied face, a sign of the huge impact from the grannie's blow. Local men still talk how the grannie won over an animal, which a strong adult is usually afraid of.