London Olympics Protesters Arrested and Drenched in Green Slime

Category: Society / Jul 20, 2012 12:01PM EDT

A protest against three Olympic sponsors in London's iconic Trafalgar Square  ended with police arresting a number of demonstrators on suspicion of criminal damage on Friday (July 20).

Following an on-line public poll to find the worst Olympic sponsor, Greenwash Gold 2012 - an organization which wants the Olympics to be as environmentally friendly as possible - held an outlandish medal presentation under the London2012 countdown clock.

Spoof representatives of Dow Chemical, BP and Rio Tinto were handed over-sized medals by an actor dressed as the London 2012 chairman, before being drenched in green slime.

Greenwash say that all three companies are not environmentally friendly and should not be sponsoring the Olympics.

As a result of the protest, around 30 police officers arrived and made at least two arrests for suspected criminal damage.