Los Angeles Airport Hit With Second Dry Ice Explosion: Is This Terrorism?

Category: Media & Culture / Oct 15, 2013 10:50AM EDT

For the second time in 24 hours Los Angeles Airport has been rocked by a dry ice explosion, expelling fear into the air, begging the question is this terrorism?

The first explosion happened on Sunday night when a small device filled with dry ice exploded in the Los Angeles International Airport. The second explosion occurred on Monday at 8:30pm. There were two other devices found on Monday that had failed to go off.

Police reported that there had been no fatalities or any injuries due to the two explosions. Authorities also believe that the blasts were not linked to militants stating “there is no nexus to terrorism”.

The FBI is now working with the LAPD to discover how the bombs were planted in restricted areas at LAX and the motive for the bombs. Early reports do suggest that the crimes are not linked to terrorism, and no arrests in either case have been made.


Video Courtesy Of Reuters