Lottery Winner May Have Been Poisoned

Category: Media & Culture / Jan 08, 2013 10:49AM EDT
Police in Chicago, Illinois were trying to determine on Monday (January 7) if a man who recently won the Illinois state lottery was fatally poisoned before he tried to collect his big prize. Yarooshj Khan was the proud owner of three Chicago dry cleaning businesses when he won half a million dollars with a scratch off lottery ticket last July. Illinois lottery officials made a check out to Khan for his winnings but he was unable to collect the money because he fell ill. On the night of July 20th Khan felt ill and was taken to Saint Francis hospital where he died within hours. Medical examiner Dr. Stephen Cina believed Khan died of natural causes. "The preliminary investigation showed no suspicious circumstances," Cina said. That sentiment changed when Cina's office got a phone call from a relative of Khan's. "A family member contacted the doctor who had done the autopsy and suggested we might want to look a little further into the case," Cina said. The medical examiner's staff retested the toxicology samples and they found lethal evidence of cyanide. Now Cina's team is planing on exhuming the body to probe further into the death of Khan. -Reuters