Lovers Light Up The Sky With Heart-Shaped Lanterns For Valentine's Day

Category: Media & Culture / Feb 14, 2013 10:12AM EDT
Love was in the air in Taiwan's New Taipei City on Thursday (February 14) as hundreds of heart-shaped lanterns were released into the sky. To mark the Valentine's Day, 120 couples, young and old, joined together to release sky lanterns and send their love and prayer into the heavens. For some, like 31-year-old Ho Chung-yuan, it was the perfect opportunity to propose to his girlfriend after dating for two years.. "I chose to propose to my girlfriend Hui-hsing in this setting today, and I hope that we can work hard together for our future," he said. Under the spotlight, Ho presented the ring and knelt on the ground in front of 28-year-old Hsu Hui-hsing. "I didn't know he would do such a thing, I was quite surprised, he kept the secret well. We were lucky to have gotten a spot when we registered, I feel very happy," Hsu said. Once a year, people from around the world come to Pingshi Township of New Taipei City (formerly known as the Taipei County) to write their prayers on the paper lanterns, and deliver their wishes to the heavens. The tradition of releasing sky lanterns in Pingshi dated back centuries ago. When bandits appeared in the mountains, the locals would hide in their houses but release lanterns to signal safety after the bandits had gone away. The tradition has now evolved into a popular activity with friends and families. (Video Source: Reuters)