Luz Milagros: Baby Found Alive in Argentine Morgue After Being Nailed in a Coffin

Category: World / Apr 11, 2012 6:31PM EDT

The newborn baby found alive after 12 hours in an Argentine morgue is in critical, but stable condition, one of the doctors treating her said on Wednesday (April 11).

Doctor Jose Meirino said that she is beginning to show signs of improvement.

It is a girl, she is in critical condition, but she is maintaining her normal parameters and today she is a little better, said Doctor Jose Meirino.

The baby was declared dead and placed in a coffin at Perrando Hospital in Chaco province in the country's far north.

Doctors told Analia Bouter that her baby was stillborn when she gave birth on April 3. But when she and her husband pried open the coffin inside the morgue's refrigeration room, they found the baby breathing.

The baby's father, Fabian Veron, praised his wife's strength throughout the ordeal.

[The mother] is still excited. She still doesn't understand. But with the strength that mother's have - where they get it from, I don't know. Only God knows the strength he gives her, said Veron.

Five hospital workers involved in the case have been suspended and health officials in the province are now investigating the incident.

Yes, I went to the public prosecutor's office. They showed me and told me what they were going to do, the issue of looking at all her clinical records, and the process. Nothing more. I didn't go make a declaration because the declaration was already made in the on-duty office [of the hospital]. They declared what everyone now knows, said Veron.

The couple named the baby Luz Milagros, with her middle name meaning miracles in Spanish. She is their fifth child.