Malden Mud Race Crowns New Winner In Record Timing

Category: Media & Culture / May 06, 2013 1:28PM EDT
The human stampede across the Blackwater River saw a spectacular sight of people waist deep in thick black mud. 273 competitors braved the smelly cold and wet mud to race across the water. The event itself is tough but fun, with the ultimate goal of raising money for various charities. Commentator Ray Clark explained the history behind the fun event: "This goes back to the eighties, there's a pub just across the way the 'Queens Head' an they were having a drink just after Christmas and somebody as I understand it said 'tell you what, I'll stand the beers if you run over to the other side, turn around and come back again' and the customers in the pub said 'yes I take you up on that' and that's exactly what they did. And I think in the early days people dressed up in dinner suits and really went to town to start the mud race, but those are the origins and then somebody cottoned on to the fact that money could be made for charity." The race winner was 39-year old John Edgington with a new race time of 3 minutes and 15 seconds. Video Courtesy Of Reuters