Man With Bloody Hands At Scene Of London Killing: ‘You People Will Never Be Safe’

Category: World / May 22, 2013 3:14PM EDT


Amateur footage has captured a disturbing video of a man on the scene of the London killing with his hands covered in blood as he talks to the camera with intense fury whilst holding two knifes. The video shows the immediate aftermath of the killing of a British soldier near the army barracks on Wednesday.

British Prime Minister David Cameron called an emergency meeting as a result of the crime, which indicates that it could be a concern of national security. At least one man has been confirmed as dead but two other people were shot by officers, and later sent to hospital to be treated for their injuries.

The scene was filled with chaos as authorities’ tightened security by closing off streets as helicopters hovered above. Further details of the assault and motivation for the murder have yet been revealed.

Video Courtesy Of Reuters