Man In California Grows Massive Pumpkin Weighing Nearly A Ton

Category: Media & Culture / Oct 15, 2013 8:58AM EDT

It’s not long till Halloween, and as the shops fill will with scary gadgets and costumes probably the strongest symbol of the festive holiday is the bright orange pumpkin. While they often vary in size it normally doesn’t take a crane to lift one up.

But one man in California has defied the standard pumpkin size by growing one that weighs almost a ton for the 40th Safeway World Championship Pumpkin weigh off. This huge pumpkin gave the man top honors at the unique contest on Monday in Half Moon Bay, California.

Its exact weight is 1925 lbs and Gary Miller said it took 100 days to grow, and he was rewarded by winning $6 per pound. Miller told the media that at one point his giant pumpkin was growing 50lbs per day.

But the question remains, is anyone even game to attempt to carve this pumpkin for Halloween?


Video Courtesy Of Reuters