Man Dies After Being Dragged Behind A Police Car

Category: World / Feb 28, 2013 11:49AM EDT
A group of South African policemen are being investigated for brutality after a minibus taxi driver who was cuffed to the back of an official vehicle and dragged to the police station later died in custody. The 27-year-old man is alleged to have parked his taxi on the "wrong" side of the road obstructing traffic in of Johannesburg on Tuesday (February 26). Police claim he became aggressive when they asked him to move and took a handgun off one of the officers. A scuffle then ensued, with police overpowering the taxi driver. Video footage taken by onlookers on the busy street and released on Thursday (February 28) shows policemen tying the man to the vehicle and driving off: He died in police custody on Wednesday (February 27). A police spokesperson however is saying that officers had given a different version of events, which would need to be verified. He said initially two policemen were questioned but after viewing the video, others were identified. The post mortem results indicated that the cause of death was head injuries with internal bleeding.