Man Flies Over Mount Fuji: Jet Powered Wings Are Used To Take Flight

Category: Media & Culture / Nov 06, 2013 8:34AM EDT

Using a jet-pack on his back, Yves Rossy, a Swiss former pilot was able to fly over Mount Fuji in a spectacular display of adventure, where he no doubt got an incredible bird’s eye view of the iconic mountain.

The average speed in anywhere between 125 mph and 185 mph, as Rossy flew around the mountain nine times with a total travel time between 6 and 13 minutes with wide wings and 4 jet engines on his back. The experience he describes was nothing short of ‘magic’, through the joy of being able to fly:

"You feel that you have pressure everywhere, and that's the magic moment. Because full thrusts like that, you are aerodynamic and it's like a big hand on your back and yes! It holds. And you fly," 

Rossy has also taken flight over the Grand Canyon and the English Channel. Who knows when he will next strap on those engines, and wings to fly…?


Video Courtesy Of Reuters