Man Mauled To Death By Massive Great White Shark

Category: World / Feb 27, 2013 8:55AM EDT
A day at the beach ended like a Hollywood horror for a father of one and husband, as he was killed in a shark attack west of Auckland in New Zealand. Police fired several rounds of bullets at the shark while the water turned red from blood. Witnesses had alerted the emergency services of the violent attack: "The shark was still attacking him and then the shark stopped the attacking, he put his head up. We yelled out at him to swim over to the rock and he raised his hand up. While he raised his hand up, next minute he went down, shark pulled him down. He came up with his head under water and then we know he is dead," "The police managed to distract the shark while we extracted the person from the water, so with the use of the local Muriwai surf club and some distracting noise from the helicopter we managed to get the body into the surf boat and to shore," The victim a man in his forties was swimming 220 yards off shore near the popular Muriwai Beach. The shark which was a great white was described as being 12-14 feet long. Following the death police closed the beach and several others nearby. New Zealand is not a popular spot for sharks or attacks, with less than 20 attacks that have resulted in death in 175 years. Video Courtesy Of Reuters