Man Seeks Rehab for Diet Coke Addiction

Category: Health / Jan 04, 2012 12:21PM EDT

Jones switched to diet soda after drinking coke for concern about his weight. But is the diet alternative really better for you?  A study lead by Qing Yang from the University of Yale reveals that diet drinks increase your desire to eat more. Dr Vicci Owen Smith said Diet coke has artificial sweetener and contains caffeine. Too much of either can cause harm.

Weather you have your caffeine cold or hot, how much is too much........ And when do you know if you're addicted? According the The National coffee Association 68% of all Americans are addicted to coffee. If you buy one $4 latte a day your coffee addiction will cost you over $1500 a year.

But the cost of caffeine does not appear to deter consumers, as energy based drinks such as red bull and monster are expected to rise in sales by 60% this year. New energy drink controversially named cocaine boosts 280 milligrams of caffeine which is 350% stronger then a red bull beverage.

But the benefits of caffeine consumption, is that it can boost your memory and improve concentration. But too much can cause high bloody pressure, increased blood sugar and decreased bone density.