Man Shot And Killed In The Heart Of Manhattan

Category: Society / Dec 10, 2012 8:28PM EDT
Police are investigating the death of a man in New York's Midtown Manhattan, who was fatally shot on Monday (December 10) during daylight hours. Officials said the victim was a 31-year-old male, who was shot in the back of the head at close-range on the 58th Street block between 7th Avenue and Broadway. Police say the gunman approached the victim from behind in front of 202 West 58th Street and fled the scene in a gray vehicle after firing the shot. Bystanders shared their shock: "I hear like a 'tut'. That's it, but I wasn't paying attention, but you know, a lot is going on around the corner. And then in two minutes, less than two minutes, some guy comes and says, 'You see what happened on the corner?' I said, 'No, what happened?' He said, 'go looking.'" "We've just, we feel safe. We never think that anything like this can happen. We walk around all hours of the day and night and we just cannot believe something like this can happen. I mean, we're shocked. We thought that they were filming a movie or something like this and then to find out, something horrible like this has happened." Police said the victim's identification showed that he was from Los Angeles, California.