Man Survives 60 Hours Drifting At Sea, Despite Not Knowing How To Swim

Category: World / Jan 07, 2014 9:27AM EDT

A man from Taiwan has survived a near impossible ordeal, drifting at sea for 60 hours, without knowing not to swim. The man, Tseng Lien-fa was fishing when a huge wave pulled him into the water in Hualien County on Friday.

The man, 42, was reported missing by his wife when he failed to return home that afternoon. But how did he survive without knowing how to swim?

The lucky survivor was able to hold on to floating wood, and did so till he reached the shore Sunday, 75 kilometers away from where he was taken by the rough sea. There he was discovered by rescuers, and his survival is nothing short of miraculous.

It is said by doctors that he will make a full recovery as he is now being treated in hospital for dehydration.

Video Courtesy Of Reuters