Mark Webber Says Red Bull Has Good Chance Of Winning Indian Grand Prix

Category: Sports / Oct 24, 2012 12:16PM EDT
Red Bull driver Mark Webber said on Wednesday (October 24) that his team has a good chance to win the upcoming Indian Grand Prix. The 26-year-old was talking at an event promoting Formula One in Greater Noida of India's northern state of Uttar Pradesh. "We have a chance to win the Grand Prix on the weekend and we are off the back of some very strong performances as a team but we don't rest on our laurels," Webber told reporters. "We know that every race is a new challenge for us and we have some tough competition and we need to be at the top of the game to perform and win. "And we are prepared to push ourselves to the limits starting on Friday to get the right result come Sunday. So that is the team's goal and yeah we are looking forward to the competition." The Australian was accompanied by India’s Gautam Gambhir and the two played a small game of cricket against each other. Gambhir felt that F1 has a great future in the country. "Formula One has a big future in India because of the kind of enthusiasm and kind of excitement people had, last year and even this year, is outstanding," Gambhir said. "I think the kind of people that went there to watch to Formula One and the amount of excitement everyone showed and the kind of hype it had in India was tremendous so I definitely feel that Formula One has a big future in India." This year's edition of the Indian Grand Prix starts on Friday (October 26).