Mars Curiosity Rover Finds Complex Chemistry In Red Planet's Soil

Category: Technology / Dec 03, 2012 5:26PM EDT
The Mars Curiosity rover used it's "full array" of instruments to analyze Martian soil for the first time, NASA announced on Monday (December 03). NASA scientists said on Monday that the rover found a complex chemistry within the Red Planet's soil. "In terms of what we think are great discoveries that the general audience is going to be interested in, our bottom line is that we have a globally representative material, that we have analysed and done it comprehensively with all the instruments and these comprehensive, fully integrated investigations are going to be the basis by which we make major discoveries of public interest, but we are just going to have to be patient," said project scientist, John Grotzinger. Water and sulfur and chlorine-containing substances were detected in samples Curiosity's arm delivered to a laboratory inside the rover, NASA said. The detection of the substances demonstrates the laboratory's capability to analyze diverse soil and rock samples.