Massive Rock Slide Crushes Home Killing Two People In Utah

Category: Media & Culture / Dec 13, 2013 9:08AM EDT

A massive rock slide crushed a home in the town of Rockville Utah, killing two people inside on Thursday. The home which was completely destroyed was located 5 miles west of Zion National Park.


First responders came on to the scene of destruction after a big cloud of dust had halted traffic on the highway.


The slide is caused by the freezing of rocks due to the freezing cold and the down pour of snow and are fairly common this time of year. The boulders that were frozen then fell from a cliff located behind the home.

Utah Police Chief Kurt Wright commented on the incident:


"Upon arrival we found that this large boulder had gone through this house. Conducted a search of the house, tried to check all the empty areas, open space to check to see if possibly someone was still alive or buried and we found nothing."



The identities of the deceased have yet been revealed as authorities still have to notify their family members. Police have said that the deceased who resided in the cabin home where long-time residents who were adored by their community.


Video Courtesy Of Reuters