Meet Chris Bacon, The Wheel Chair Bound Pig Delivering Hope To Sick Kids

Category: Media & Culture / Feb 27, 2014 8:55AM EDT

It is an unlikely sight, a pig in a wheel chair, after he was born without the use of his back leg. But this pig is giving hope to sick kids in a hospital in Massachusetts, showing that anything is possible and despite life’s obstacles we need to roll on with it. Chris Bacon is now a media sensation causing quite the stir around the nation with headlines and making people smile.

Many of the kids like Bacon are bound by a wheel chair, and share the same sort of problems faced when living life with a disability. The kids watched and laughed with Bacon making an unlikely friend with the pig who gave them all hope on Wednesday.

For Bacon this is his second chance at life, after he was saved from being euthanized. Bacon proves that life is possible despite physical limitations, even if you are a pig.


Video Courtesy Of Reuters