Meet Zoro, The Surfing Piglet Who Loves To Ham It Up

Category: Society / Mar 08, 2013 8:54AM EDT
Move over Kelly Slater there is a new surfer in town, but this one has four legs and a curly tail. Meet Zoro, the piglet who hangs ten and doesn’t mind showing off his surfing skills to on-lookers in New Zealand. This little piglet has been surfing under the guidance of his owner Mathew Bell since he was just three weeks old: "He gets a bit scared when it gets double over head and double over head isn't that big for a pig." "We'll keep surfing until he gets to a size where he's unmanageable and, yes, see what happens after that," For now this little piggy will continue to ride waves alongside his owner; Zoro certainly seems to like his place as the newest surfing sensation. Video Courtesy Of Reuters