Merkel Rolls Out The Red Carpet For Barack Obama

Category: Politics / Jun 19, 2013 4:02PM EDT

After a whirlwind visit to Berlin, U.S President Barack Obama concludes official engagements with a dinner hosted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Obama was joined by his wife Michelle at the palace:

"We're incredibly grateful that Sasha and Malia have had the privilege to see not only the beauty but also the history of this city and they took a number of tours and when we were in the hotel room, Malia was reciting back to me everything that she had learned about the formation of the Wall and the history of reunification and nothing is more gratifying than when you see your children understanding not only the facts of history but also the values that drive history."

Obama and his family have had a full itinerary on their visit to Germany. He is scheduled however to return to the United States after attending the dinner.